Wendy Shay - Hottest female artist in Ghana right now

In an interview :

You're the hottest female artist in Ghana right now, but not everyone acknowledges that. Why do you think that is?
You know first of all the thing is that I'm not expecting acknowledgement from people about if I'm the hottest female artist or not. What I want people to see, and what the majority of Ghanaians and my fans know is that I'm working very hard. Numbers don't lie. If you check my streams I have the biggest streams, if you check my fanbase I have the biggest fanbase here. And so they acknowledge the fact that I'm a very hard worker. And that is what is important to me, you know? For people to see that I'm the most hard working artist, not even female artist. I don't want to be tagged as a female artist, but the biggest artist, you understand. Perfumes Category That is my focus, it's not about titles. I wanna make music, you know? Make money. So that I can care about those I love, those around me, and give my fans hit songs. Because that's food for the soul, music. So that's my focus, not the titles.