You need me to save your dying career, let’s trend together – Aisha Modi to Shatta Wale

Ghanaian music investor and Stonebwoy fanatic, Aisha Modi has poked at Shatta Wale again. This time around, she is mocking the dancehall artiste of ‘clout chasing’ her. In an Instagram post on February 4, 2021, she accused the dancehall artiste of riding at the back of the ongoing controversies to resurrect what she described as his dying career. To her, Shatta Wale's career is sinking so fast that no amount of overhaul can rescue it. “When they can beat you they join you. See how I buy pressure give you, Shatta Wale. You should have told me u needed help, you needed a stable Hit song. Let’s trend together wati, na u can’t guy a Zongo Nima girl like me wai. I’m a big fish. When is my song coming out na my body make hot. I want to dance.” she wrote on Instagram Shatta and Aisha Modi have in a span of one week engaged in series of backlash at each other on social media. The two have engaged in a ‘battle of insults’, raised damning allegations about each other via numerous live videos and tweets. Perfumes Category Yet, some individuals believe that their ‘so-called’ scuffle is just a stunt programmed to ‘revive’ the showbiz industry which has been somewhat been on ‘sleep mode’ for some time now.