"It's All Lies I did Not Rape" Young And Rich Nigga Shatta Bundle Denies Rape Allegation

When a person is accused of rape, it can feel as though life has come to a stop—and may never restart. Any serious felony charge raises the specter of long imprisonment. This charge also goes to the heart of a person’s reputation. Tremendous stigma, as well as loss of liberty.

Young rich nigga, Shatta Bundle is currently under fire in Bole after sleeping with a beautiful little girl and also taking a snap of their moments, but the family of the young girl says she is under 16 and everything will be interesting in court. The little girl happened to be the favourite daughter of their family because she was named after her late mother and she is also the daughter of Brutus Abubakari Mahama who lives in Bole. 

Shatta Bundle visited Bole on Saturday 3rd April 2021 to be part of Aseda Records signing of a musician called Lexicon at the plush Wuripe and songs Royal Lodge (Bole Dubai) be engaging in the act with the young girl. Shatta Bundle has Denied the allegation watch the video below