Black Girls… Stop settling for less than what you deserve. That’s why I stress self-love! There comes a time when you can no longer blame a man. You’ve got to hold yourself accountable for the choices that you make. Choose wisely! Slow down. Pay attention. Don’t allow his good looks and swag to blind you from the truth. Don’t be so easily flattered by money, cars, jewelry, and all of that other stuff. Your heart and well-being is worth much more than that. Choose someone who respects, loves, and adores you. Somebody who has your best interest at heart. Nothing less! Allow yourself to experience REAL love. Stop giving your love, time, and attention to men who clearly don’t deserve it.

Rating women’s beauty can be very difficult, especially African black beauty. Black women’s beauty is already a controversial and rather political subject for they are often a subject of mockery for hiding their own hair under European women’s hair. Black women’s beauty is probably the most underrated in the world, mainly because for centuries, black women have been made to feel they are just not beautiful enough, compared to European and Western’s standards of beauty, the long straight hair, the pale skin and the blue eyes. For me as a black man, it pains me to see how millions of black women are not comfortable in their own beauty. I hate weaves, I really do. I just think straight flowing hair just looks wrong on a black indigenous African woman. Look at these pictures below proven facts of Africa beauty
Let's çheckout Mabie Charlie 🇬🇭 ( @mabie_may ) Gorgeous Curves & Beautiful Outfits photos and videos below