New York rallies past Atlanta in Game 2 to even the series behind its raucous fans at Madison Square Garden.

The best news to emerge from Wednesday’s nights game at Madison Square Garden is the guarantee there will be at least another game at Madison Square Garden. The New York Knicks took care of that by swallowing a bottle full of rally pills and wiping away a 15-point halftime deficit to beat the Atlanta Hawks. It was a collective effort by the home team, which can’t match the Hawks for talent yet will bring all the grit that reflects the attitude in these mean New York streets. The first-round series is now 1-1, and again, this means there will be a Game 5 for Garden fans, who are the clear stars of this show, with all due respect to Trae Young. What we’re witnessing in the Garden is the emotion that results when worlds collide inside a basketball arena. These worlds are named Frustration, Starvation, Hope, Anger, Joy and Ego. Basketball fans in this town and specifically for this team have shown vivid signs of all six, mainly because the Knicks have endured a pair of lost decades and therefore the population has temporarily lost its minds right now. That’s why the atmosphere for these games is throbbing. If you cannot sympathize with what these people have been put through, then maybe you can try to understand. With the brief lifespan of the early Carmelo Anthony Era, and the sickness of Linsanity, the Garden hasn’t exactly been Eden. The Knicks went 20 years and won just five playoff games. They went 20 years and missed the playoffs 15 times. They went 20 years and drastically reduced the need for the TV cameras to show Spike Lee at courtside. Also Read: 5 reasons why good sleep matters and you have to deal with it