Tom Cruise work secrets revealed by Jake Johnson

American actor Jake Johnson weighed in on the work secrets of action star Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise work secrets revealed by Jake Johnson

American actor-comedian Jake Johnson reflected on the work ethics of Hollywood action hero Tom Cruise by weighing in on his conduct on movie sets.

The 43-year-old comedian has starred with Tom Cruise in the 2017 motion movie The Mummy. “He’s an intense guy,” Jake Johnson said on Tuesday, August 10, in an episode of The Daily Beast’s “The Last Laugh” podcast.

Tom Cruise, according to Jake, has expectations of excellent work from his co-stars to match his. “In terms of a filmmaker, he wants to entertain an audience, and if you’re not all about that, you’re going to get knocked off the bronco,” he said.

Tom Cruise work secrets revealed by Jake Johnson

“Because he is there to entertain an audience and he’s willing to really put himself in harm’s way to do it.”

Jake Johnson touched upon Tom Cruise's devotion to work as he often insists on doing his personal stunts. “We jumped over buildings together that exploded,” he recounted.

“We were on a three-story building that collapsed, and I landed on my back and told him that something went wrong because I got hurt. And he said, ‘Injured or hurt?’ I said, ‘What’s the difference?’ And he goes, ‘Can you go again or is something broken?’ And I was like, ‘No, I mean, I can go again.’ Then he goes, ‘So you’re hurt. Of course you’re hurt. You fell off a three-story building.’”

Jake Johnson not only made out the difference between being 'hurt' and 'injured' but also came face to face with Tom Cruise's reality. “He’s not faking it,” he continued. “When you see him on a horse and he gets thrown off and he tucks and rolls, his back is bruised. But he loves the shot.”