There are 21 Christmas Eve customs that are unmistakably Liverpool.


With less than a day till Christmas, many people in Liverpool will be spending tonight making sure they’ve done all of their Christmas Eve traditions.

Whatever you’re doing, we’re guessing you’re in a joyful mood right now since Christmas in Liverpool is unrivaled.

While some aren’t unique to Liverpool, many of the Christmas Eve customs we’ve grown up with are unmistakably Scouse, such as donning Christmas Eve pyjamas and getting a spray tan.

We each got a tub of Celebrations to see what’s inside. Whether you spend Christmas Eve at home or out in town, these are Christmas Eve traditions you’ll be familiar with if you grew up in Liverpool.

Pyjamas for Christmas Eve are a requirement.

You’re ordering takeout because your mother has barred you from the kitchen.

Your mother’s irritability stems from the fact that she forgot to buy something that no one else will notice.

Then you realize you’ve neglected to buy at least three things, but it’s too late.

“Get out that cabinet,” they say, because it’s all Christmas food.

I’m watching Christmas specials on TV, most likely a Royle Family rerun.

Assuring that your Christmas spray tan is flawless

And, of course, your pin curls.

Choosing a board game takes a long time.

When they’re losing, someone kicks off and flips the Monopoly board over.

Your mother telling you exactly what you’ll be doing every minute of Christmas Day

Someone will smuggle some of the forbidden Christmas food out of the closet.

No matter how old you are, your mother will iron everyone’s Christmas outfits.

Because “wrapping as you go” didn’t work out, there will be some last-minute speed wrapping.

Even though you’ll most likely sleep in, you’ll be scoffing Santa’s cookies and downing the sherry after the kids have gone to bed.

Having a few too many drinks in front of the television and vowing not to do it again next year

Going to town and running into everyone you went to school with is a must, which means you’ll be singing Fairytale of New York completely out of tune and not regretting it.

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