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Milovan Rajevac Sacked As Head Coach Of The Ghana Black Stars

  The conversation whether the coach of the Black Stars Milovan Rajevac should be sack or not have finally settled. The Ministry of Youth and Sport and The Ghana Football Association (GFA), were in discussion over the issue to layoff coach Milo. GFA president in his previous remarks seems not favor the ideas, but the Ministry strongly believe Coach Milovan must be sack due to the shameful performance of the Black Stars Ghanaian has lost confident with the technical team of the Black Stars, and the Ministry Of Youth and Sports have listened to the cried of many Ghanaians. However, the coach of the Black Stars Milovan Rajevac has been sacked, following the embarrassing performance 2021 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Cameroon. World Cup qualifying is around the corner, hope this time the GFA will find competitive coach, that will bring back the confident and qualify the team to World Cup. The Ministry of Youth and Sports had met with the Ghana Football Association (GFA) on Friday to dis

Six things every woman looks for in her future husband


Not every girl makes a list of the things she wants and doesn't want from her future husband. But there are girls who have such a list, and it is very important to them.

And why not? Marriage is such a big decision. How can you marry someone without knowing if they have the qualities you seek? Instead of suffering all your life, it is better to wait until you find a man with these traits.

So, let's quickly check out these qualities some ladies are looking for in their future husbands

A good listener

It is known that most women like to talk. So it's clear that they want someone to listen to their daily conversations. No matter what a woman says, she needs a man who can be a good listener without judging her or telling her that she said something unimportant.


Women like to be around men who can make them laugh. A good sense of humor always works because after a long, hard day, having a guy who can turn your frowning face into a smile is magic.


Someone who makes his wife feel safe and secureAnother important trait that every woman wants from her future husband is that he can convey a sense of security and serenity. When things go bad, a woman wants a man who can and makes sure that she's okay - a man who makes her feel safe even in a crowd, someone who will stand up for her no matter what.


Women want a man who really supports them and their dreams. Someone who can give them the loudest applause when they need it most, and someone who trusts their life plans more than anyone else.

Keeping promises

Men make a lot of promises at the beginning of a relationship and break them at the end. Women hate when men don't keep their promises. So most women prefer to be with a man who can and can keep his word.

Honest and loyal

This is one of the most common traits that everyone wants in their future partner. A man who doesn't lie or cheat is something that women look for in their future husbands. A woman expects a man to be honest about his past because finding it after marriage is something women hate the most.