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Ramsey Nouah - Net worth And All You Need To Know


Ramsey Nouah - Net worth of $3.8 million

Ramsey Nouah is known as one of the lover boys in Nollywood. He became famous in the Nollywood movie industry due to his active role in romantic movies.

Ramsey Nouah is the 8th richest actor in Nigeria in 2021 in the list of top richest actors in Nigeria in 2021. The famous actor born on 19th December 1970 to an Israeli father and Yoruba Mother from Ondo State is also a film director in Nollywood.

Movie acting and directing has fetched him so much wealth to become one of the richest actors in Nigeria in 2021. Some of the movies he has directed include Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, Rattle Snake and Ahanna, a remake of the 1995 movie 'Rattlesnake'.

Ramsey Nouah's Source of Wealth

Ramsey Nouah has taken part in a good number of mainstream and high-grossing movies. His directorial debut Living in Bondage: Breaking free, has grossed over 168 million naira in revenue since its premiere.

Rattle Snake: The Ahanna has also grossed about 70 million naira as of the publication time.

Nouah is happily married with three kids