I Hate My Stepson For Good Reasons

I Hate My Stepson For Good ReasonsTo be with someone who has children, I have no problem with it. My stepson is he is lazy, he has a short attention span. He stinks he doesn't wipe his buttock well we've tried everything with him from punishments to teaching him properly, he just doesn't wipe his butt well.

He is dirty and can get annoying very quickly. Likewise, he also performs poorly in school. He didn't have many friends and was abused at times. We got custody of his mother about a year and a half ago.

Now he's always here and I hate him. It used to be me, my daughter and my husband. I feel my relationship with my daughter is not that close again

I'm sure my negative feelings are taken away by him, and I don't want that. This is starting to take a toll on my marriage and I need help.

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