My husband does not sleep with me


A healthy married relationship involving two people who are committed to investing in each other, both emotionally and physically. However, managing married life becomes a challenge.As far as I know, A lady shared her story, since the beginning of their marriage, her husband has never slept with her. In fact, he asked her to sleep in another room after having sex. I understand it may be rude and hurtful to her. She also mentioned that her husband sleeps alone since he was two years old 

 "My husband has not slept with me since the beginning of our marriage. After having sex, he told me to sleep in another room. He says he used to sleep alone since childhood He respected and love his sister more than me. Furthermore, he is very close to his little sister and discussed everything in the sun with her. He did not acknowledge my presence in his life and often insulted me in front of her sister. There were times when she visited us, he rudely asked me not to interfere when they were talking. I feel so useless living with him, so disconnected. Why is he like this? I think it's better to break up."