My Mother Hates My Husband


A lady shared her story online stated that her mother hated her husband

In some cases, some wives consider cutting ties with or limiting contact with their mothers to protect their husbands from them, and in my experience that is...not common. When a family member appears irrationally aggressive toward their partner, they usually quickly reach a point where they take serious action

Story below

My situation is simple but dire. My mom hates my husband Mike*. He said he is lazy, stupid and selfish and all kinds of other things that weren't true. He's not perfect, but nobody's perfect. Of course not. But he followed my husband constantly, every conversation and every visit. Mike tried to be calm number of occasions but unfortunately, he got upset and he attacked my mother it was just more fuel for the fire. My husband isn't a bad person, What do I have to do? Because it sucks.

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