I Got Married Once, But I Will Never Marry Again


I decided here and now that I would never marry again. Am I tired of love and monogamy? Absolutely not. Instead, I live in a loving monogamous relationship. I love my girlfriend very much and help raise her two children. My girlfriend and I are divorced. That's why we share practical knowledge about what marriage can do to relationships that start with the best of intentions. When a marriage is in turmoil, cultural and social expectations make you feel the need to fix the problem. It doesn't matter if you love your wife or not, to put more pressure on a loveless marriage, you have a legal obligation. Nothing destroys the atmosphere faster than this, take an oath to a legal contract. In fact, when we divorced, I realized that technically I was judging my wife. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, when you file for divorce, you are filing a lawsuit against your wife. My ex and I got married young. As if she had won a marriage contest, she postponed the wedding date so that she could be the first among his friends to marry. Yes, we love each other, and after many years of relationship, we feel the need to get married in order to conform to social norms. I admit that it was never normal, but the pressure of society convinced me that the marriage should take place. I remember hearing that everything changes when you get married. Furthermore, I always ignore them and wonder what they know about us. Unfortunately, they were right. Over time, not immediately

My wedding ring feel like the smallest handcuffs in the world. When I go out with my single friends, I am perceived as a married man, an outgoing man in a role with strict rules of conduct. The use of the word "marriage" in conversation and the position of the ring on the left hand seemed to immediately set in motion a kind of social pattern that took root in everyone I spoke to. If I don't do the right thing, I will be judged. There is a freedom of being alone that no one recognizes. When you are alone, you are a free wolf who stands out from the crowd and can do whatever you want. If you are married, you group with married people and everyone has to follow the rules. 

Our marriage fell apart after a night of drunken romance, but it doesn't matter I am free now

It is important to note that I condemn, at least in part, the institution of marriage and all the pressures that come with it for our behavior. Believe me. No one here is trying to escape with nothing. I understand the psychological harm of infidelity, whether you are married or not. Historically, marriage has been used as a means of survival. 

Marriage is also a means of protecting family inheritance, increasing social standing and acquiring land and property, among many other reasons for marriage. All this seems to have little to do with love. If the marriage provides the daughter with financial security for the next generation, the daughter given out