I sm still a virgin even though I have been married for three years


I married a man I hardly knew. He is handsome and tall, but having met him only once, I got the impression that he is real and sweet. Perhaps in the coming days I will fall in love with him. With my wedding anniversary approaching, I'm already nervous! I'm afraid of my wedding night because I'm still a virgin and I'll lose my virginity to stranger. The idea of ​​marrying a stranger seemed like a good idea, but I was a little apprehensive. But the wedding night? I was puzzled. But over time, I found myself in bed with a man who didn't touch me in bed.

"This wedding has really worn me out." he said before turning his back on me and snoring. I was a little glad that he gave us at least one day before we have sex. But the next day and a few more days he slept soundly all night and refused to even hold hands. Maybe he gave himself and me time to get to know each other before we have sex. And the thought of it warms my heart. He is a caring person. He is thoughtful, honest and chatty! I loved sitting next to him, drinking tea and talking about our childhood memories. He bought me gifts and sometimes even roses. His demeanor reflects his caring nature and I was honestly very pleased to meet him.

But months have passed and I fell in love and my husband still refuses any sexual activity, let alone kissing! it has been a little strange that men like sex. But one day my husband kissed me and before I could enjoy him he backed off. Her expression was terrible, but she quickly covered it up. He thought I wouldn't notice, but I did. Over the next few days, I made several cunning attempts to approach him, but all without success. He cares, but I don't think he loves me yet. Several months later, he still hadn't touched me.

My husband left me here to wait for him because he got a job abroad. And I do it patiently because when he returns a few months later, he misses me and there is still hope that at last we can both share a beautiful bond of love and passion. Unfortunately, things didn't go the way I planned. When he returned a year and a half later, he still didn't want to be around me. Is he gay or incompetent? Does he love others? All sorts of questions kept spinning in my head. And no matter how insulting it may sound, I began to fall in love with him. I tried to contact him, but he made no real effort to maintain our relationship as husband and wife. And at that moment everything is so blurry that I don't know what to do anymore.