Rejected me in a rude way, then reappeared

I liked this guy for a while. We met each other on business, exchanged messages for the same purpose, and occasionally exchanged friendly messages for the holidays. I sent him a friend invite on social media, and he agreed. He began to like my posts, and again kindly commented on some of them. For example, to wish me a happy vacation. Then he called me to discuss issues related to his work, and helped solve it by preparing not only proposals, but also projects that were beneficial for him. He offered to give me money, but I politely declined and wished him success in this new endeavor.

 While we were discussing some details of the project, he sent me a "good thanks" and I voluntarily posted a heart icon as an answer instead of a "Like" icon instead of a separate post. And he deleted it I felt so bad dumb and insulted

But I didn't say anything, likewise him. Now, a month later, he suddenly started liking and replying to my posts again. I don't like being treated like this by people whom I have never offended or insulted. So my question is, should I ignore him when he approaches me, or should I go up to him directly and say that I was hurt by his rudeness in the last conversation that I don't think I deserve? Thank you very much.