Seven Married Women Reveal Secrets Every Girl Should Know


Secrets that women want to know before the wedding. If you don't decide, you will never know what marriage is. No matter how well you know your future mother-in-law and how much time you spent with your partner before marriage, a girl is never ready for what comes next. I spoke to seven married women about what they wish they knew before getting married. Here's what they say: 

There will always be gossip or something like that.

“Wait before believing anyone or anything. After I got married, my mother-in-law told me about her problems and difficulties, especially about her bad experience with her older daughter-in-law. I feel sorry for her, and I tried to make him happy and contented. A year later, I realized that he was gossiping about me!”

Family Politic

 “Family politic can make or break a marriage. Aunts, uncles, cousins, ... Oh! The list is endless. There will always be groups and groups that are against you. It is very important to strike a balance. I experienced it first hand and felt guilty when my husband's aunt, whom I supported during difficult times, go against me” Bhavna Shekhar, 29. 

 Time management fight

 "Solitude time" when you want to sleep alone or have a good night without the TV showing a football game. The time will come Snigda 28

Finance is no longer a private matter. 

“My mother-in-law is very proud that she knows how much the family spends on her salary. After moving to the city where my husband works, I moved to a new office. I am so excited and can't wait to share the news with my two families (my husband and myself). While my father was worried about my safety in the new city, the first thing he asked was my salary!” Jane, 33 years old. 

Your personal space?

" It can sound very romantic when you share everything and every moment with your partner. Sometimes you want to keep it private. Trust me, sometimes it's good to have your own little, harmless secret".

" Eating habits can be a problem. It's not easy to adapt to a different diet, even after you've had dinner at a restaurant with your in-laws and had a delicious dinner at a restaurant because my husband is too timid".