Dubai Porta Potty: Viral Videos Dubai Rich Man and Slay Queen


Some weird things are taking over social media, but the latest viral trend is probably the weirdest and most disgusting.

Netizens discovered something called Dubai's "Porta Potty" which would spread among the influential and elite people of the United Arab Emirates.

The rumors are disgusting and very sad for everyone on social media... Let's start by clarifying that there is absolutely no evidence that this actually happened in Dubai, it was just a rumor that spread on the internet in April 2022. It is said that "Dubai Porta Potty" is something influential people and other young women do for money or gifts. It's disgusting enough, but the idea is that these women spend their money on bags, shoes, and other material goods. The idea has taken over TikTok and Twitter over the past week, freaking social media users out

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