Manchester United set for worst ever Premier League season after latest humiliation


Manchester United continued to fall behind towards the end of what would now be the worst season of the Premier League era. Brighton had too much for their visitors from the first to last minute as the Red Devils lost for the fifth game in a row. 

Saturday's 4-0 win was Brighton's biggest game in the top flight and they are not at all flattered by the result. Indeed, things could have been worse for United, who have created another contender for their worst performance in the era since Alex Ferguson.

Graham Potter's team started the game with aggression and intensity, and the away team found themselves struggling in the first half. Although David de Gea was not tested too much in the early stages. In the end, a long-range shot broke the deadlock when Moses Caicedo found the bottom left corner of the box.

The second half continued like this as Brighton put the ball into the forward zone which eventually finished off Manchester United.

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