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Top 5 Richest Soccer Players in the World in 2022

  Here are the 5 Richest Players in 2022 1. Faiq Bolkiah ($20.12 billion): Fortunately, you probably haven’t heard of the world’s richest football player. Faiq is the wealthiest football player in the world, with a net worth of over $20 billion. Contrarily, this young man didn’t earn any money playing football. Due to his inheritance, he has a sizable net worth. The royal prince of Brunei, Jefri Bolkiah, is the father of Faiq. He is currently a professional player with Maritimo. Brunei is a little nation with a lot of oil. Faiq’s love for the game led him to decide to seek a career in football. During his youth in England, he played for Chelsea, Southampton, Arsenal, and Reading. He currently serves as the team’s captain for Brunei’s national team. In each of his six games, Faiq has scored just one goal. Despite not being as successful as the other football superstars on this list, he is still a player. With a net worth of $20 billion, he is the wealthiest football player in the worl

Akufo-Addo Administration Back To IMF, Here Are What Ghanaians Are Saying

The current situation in the country has forced Akufo-Addo administration to go back to IMF so, below are some reactions from Ghanaians about the decision. 

"These people can insult Ghanaians paaa ooo. If majority of us do not have academic credentials in economics or never took a semester course in economics can be easily deceived that cannot be said of people who have knowledge in the field of economics. We crushed or are crushing because of government policies, systemic economic problems compounded by too much partisan politics.

Other countries are not going to IMF but they also suffered, are suffering the crisis of Covid-19 pandemic, and Russia-Ukraine war. Whenever voices raised concerning the sustainability of government it is swept under the carpet as an opposition party voice. Well, the viscous cycle, messing up go dey with us forever until parties reason together on some core issues"

"The defensive mode has begun. It would never be easy to convince people how the see water is sugary. Ur government took loans and donations from left and wright including from this same IMF. So how did u manage these monies knowing u been competent and economy guru?"

"Lets assume it's true..., how many African countries have gone to IMF for bailout or he is saying that Ghana was the only country affected by the pandemic??"

"Did the pandemic happen in only Ghana? Why aren't all the countries going to IMF? Or the pandemic too, our own was different?"

"Even China, the home of covid haven't gone to IMF. Tell us the number of countries that are following you to the IMF. SHAME ON YOU!"