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Top 5 Richest Soccer Players in the World in 2022

  Here are the 5 Richest Players in 2022 1. Faiq Bolkiah ($20.12 billion): Fortunately, you probably haven’t heard of the world’s richest football player. Faiq is the wealthiest football player in the world, with a net worth of over $20 billion. Contrarily, this young man didn’t earn any money playing football. Due to his inheritance, he has a sizable net worth. The royal prince of Brunei, Jefri Bolkiah, is the father of Faiq. He is currently a professional player with Maritimo. Brunei is a little nation with a lot of oil. Faiq’s love for the game led him to decide to seek a career in football. During his youth in England, he played for Chelsea, Southampton, Arsenal, and Reading. He currently serves as the team’s captain for Brunei’s national team. In each of his six games, Faiq has scored just one goal. Despite not being as successful as the other football superstars on this list, he is still a player. With a net worth of $20 billion, he is the wealthiest football player in the worl

American Reacts After Florida tells teachers that religion belongs in public life


American Reacts After Florida tells teachers that religion belongs in public life

Included in the new civics training for Florida public school teachers is the statement that it is a “misconception” that “the Founders desired strict separation of church and state.”

Here are some interesting comments

"How is this different than the Taliban in Iran…. Other than obviously only a white evangelical “Christian” church message is the preferred “teaching” ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜"

This is the ultimate move by these Christian zealots and political hacks who just want their vote. Its making a sham of our long established civic principles. 

"Stop the madness!

When is the majority going to shut these far right extremists down? Enough! Anyone who has studied history does not want to go back to times like the Spanish Inquisition "

" Do we think that states like Florida and Texas will suffer some sort of brain drain when all the smart liberals decide to move or locate elsewhere?

 Is this something that will affect their tax base/economies?

"Now that the courts are starting to fail us, the last recourse may be that the large corporations could threaten to reduce their investments in red states to help preserve constitutional freedoms. We need a way to effectively fight back."

"I am so glad I don't live in FL. Basically they are bribing cash strapped teachers to sit in a chair for hours and listen to some religious bigot spewing garbage. Shame on DeSantis.

It is not a misconception."

"Our framers didn't want a Christian theocracy for their experiment. If it was the case, they wouldn't have written the first amendment."

"Cool. Start with getting Christian moms back in the house. They need to go back to being positive maternal figures, so their daughters won’t need as many abortions".