How to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend 7 Easy Steps

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If your relationship is on the rocks, you may suspect that your girlfriend is seeing someone else. This can be a difficult period, but how can you know if your suspicions are real, or just paranoia? It's important to look for the right kinds of signs, behave in a responsible and respectful way, and learn to talk about your relationship with your partner in an open and healthy way, rather than snooping around. 1 Looking for Warning Signs Watch for signs she may be losing interest in you. People cheat for a variety of reasons, but it usually happens when someone is unhappy in their relationship. If you suspect your girlfriend might be seeing someone else, watch for the warning signs that your relationship may be flagging a bit. Watch to see if your girlfriend: Calls less frequently Seems distracted when you're together Dresses differently Cancels your plans regularly Lies to you about where she's going 2. Watch her phone and texting habits. When you are out together, does your girlfriend spend most of her time with her head buried in her phone instead of making eye contact with you? Does she seem overly preoccupied with talking to someone in particular? Lots of texting could be a sign of a roving eye, or just that she's texting her mom. Try to remember who she talks to is her business. If you have to, say something like, "I was hoping we could spend some time together now, not with our phones, unless there's some emergency. That ok? Is everything ok?" Don't try to crack past her phone password and start digging around in her personal stuff. If you feel the need to spy on your partner, your relationship is already in bad shape, and you should end it. 3. Watch her social networking habits. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social networking and texting apps make cheating a whole lot more complicated. If you suspect your girlfriend might be cheating online, you could even open up some fake dating site accounts of your own to check and see. You've noticed she's posting a lot of comments on a male coworker's pictures? Don't freak out. She can post whatever she wants, on whoever's board she wants to post on. That doesn't mean she's cheating, but it does mean she might be losing some interest or engagement in your relationship. Never, under any circumstances, should you try to log into your girlfriend's email, Facebook page, or other password-secured information. Breaching trust because you're suspicious means you're in a bad relationship. 4. Watch for cancelled plans or strange plans. If your girlfriend starts behaving in a way that's counter to the way she usually acts, that might be cause for alarm. It's hard to say exactly what this might consist of, but keeping an eye out for anything that seems out of the ordinary for her to be doing. If you have plans together, and your girlfriend cancels or changes them abruptly, that might be a sign of something going on. If your girlfriend starts hanging out especially late with people she doesn't usually hang out with, you might want to talk about it. 5. Try to talk to her friends. If your girlfriend is having second thoughts about your relationship, or has even taken up with someone else, she'll likely want to talk about this with somebody. If you play your cards right, they'll likely feel sorry for the position she's put you in, and they might come clean. Don't come in with accusations, come in with upset questions. Tell her friends that you've noticed that she's seemed really distant lately, and you're not sure why. Ask them if they know anything that could help you fix the relationship. If they say no, that doesn't mean they're "in on it." It might just mean that your girlfriend is not cheating. Try to relax. 6. Look for warning signs in your relationship and your attitude towards it. Are you being the best partner you can be? Are you contributing to the health of the relationship in a positive way? Are you doing everything you can to make the relationship work? Are you a respectful, kind, and giving partner? It's possible that your partner is not cheating, but is feeling less enthusiastic about the relationship in general because the relationship itself is going downhill, not because there's someone else pulling her away. 7. Note whether she is paranoid about you cheating. Sometimes a person who is cheating, or wants to cheat, will project their own inclinations onto their partner.