How to Say No To Someone Without Feel Guilty


How to Say No To Someone Without Feel Guilty

For many of us, saying no can be a hard challenge, especially when someone thinks you are in the position to help. For instance, a family member seeking for financial support, co-workers need you to cover up their shirts and many other scenarios.

However, I will show you simple ways you can say no without feeling worse or guilty 

1. Be polite and speak out clearly 

Saying no to a person, you shouldn't have to be rude or give false hope. You should give a short explanation why you can't help 

2 know how to speak firmly and choose the right words.

You can be polite and also be firm on your words so that the people would not continue to asking for help 

3. Stand your ground.

This is obvious, many people can not take "No" for an answer. The idea to stand on your ground will be implemented when you meet such people.