I don’t want a relationship is that normal? A lady reveals


My friends and colleagues are making me feel abnormal for wanting to be single after only barely a year.

Some backstory, I have 2 kids. I left their abusive father last year. I have not had intercourse since we broke up August ‘21. Not for any other reason than I’m just not ready to give that part of me to another man yet. I’ve been in therapy, I feel great, I’m happy, I’m joyous, I love life. I’ve been on several dates with really great men but when it came time for them to try and ask for exclusivity, I just wasn’t ready and ended things.

Is there something wrong with me? My friends are endlessly making me feel like I’m messed up in the head. Saying I’m Asexual or perhaps a lesbians. Even my therapist doesn’t understand why I’m denying relationships with good men who like me and I like them. I honestly don’t understand but I truly just don’t want a relationship. I do still like sex and participate in outercourse activities with the right man so I don’t think I’m Asexual but is something wrong? Does anyone outside my life bubble feel this way by choice?