My Boyfriend left me because of my boundaries.


My Boyfriend left me because of my boundaries.

UPDATE: I was about to block him because I can’t stop thinking about begging him to stay with me but I found out the he unfollowed me and followed all of his exes again…I’m heartbroken.

I’m 19(F) and my bf(22) just broke up. Well to be clear, he broke up with me. A little background story. My last relationship was pretty abusive and manipulative. I was physically and verbally assaulted in any possible way you could think of causing my self esteem/confidence to deplete. As a result, I am one you could say is very insecure. My Bf is the complete opposite. He doesn’t have any boundaries and genuinely a confident guy. I loved this about him since I never got the freedom before but I’ve felt like it’s too much, almost as if he doesn’t care what I do anymore.

I’m currently working on my issues but for the meantime, there are things that I’m uncomfortable with.

He’s had a lot of past flings and I get that, we all have a past. My only issue is that he doesn’t want to let the contact with them go. It really makes me question his intentions sometimes. I know I should trust him but at this point in time, it really makes me uncomfortable and feel disrespected. 

I’ve communicated to him about this and he unfollowed them for a bit but followed them back again. It’s like back and forth at this point. About 2 days ago I opened up this conversation to him and he finally had enough of me. He thinks that this issue would come back up in the future so might as well end things now. 

We talked again last night and he told me how he’d been feeling about it since the beginning and that he’s had enough and want out. I feel like it was my fault. I just wished he communicated how much of a deal breaker it was and I was more than willing to compensate. I just needed some time to get over it and my insecurities. I doubt I’ll care about those things in the future that’s why I’m willing to compensate. Now we’ve talked about it and he really doesn’t want to come back to me.

It just hurts a lot because I felt like I had no choice in the situation and all the frustrations he’s had with me and the circumstances all throughout the relationship is being thrown at me all at once. I’m stuck. This is not gonna go well specially with my mental health not being the best. Any advice on what I should do?