The Labour Party - 12 years of the Tories have weakened our economy. Rishi Sunak has failed to get a grip on inflation

12 years of the Tories have weakened our economy. 
Rishi Sunak has failed to get a grip on inflation and failed to help families with the Tory cost of living crisis.
Labour will bring forward a proper plan for growth - investing in renewable energy and nuclear power, creating jobs, insulating homes and fixing business rates.

  1.  Feels like we've had nothing but cuts and misery ever since the tory party were elected.but the 1%haven't done to badly.have they."criminals"the lot of them..
  2. They have run the economy and our services into the ground,pity anyone who gets in at the next election,They haven’t even left a pot to P—- in.
  3. On an on it goes. Totally fed up. You can't plan or do anything because of the way the country/world is in. I've worked for over 60 years and what for.
  4. We need to invest in an industrial strategy with full haste. Let the mayor's under labours flag fertilize the ground so you can grow the roots before you get the branches.
  5. Folk need to wake up to the damage the Tories have done to the lives of people who work hard to protect their families and want houses, schools, health services. Get the Tories out!
  6. The Tories are so intent on dismantling the institutions of government that they missed the opportunity to use a decade of cheap money to invest in the future of Britain. Our crumbling infrastructure and public services, are testament to the incompetence of the get rich quick Tory dreamers. Corbyn`s economic plan would have delivered stability and protection from the swings of the global economy.
  7. My rt hon friend s yes the time has come for a general election with this government the United kingdom is going backwards deep into debt. Only a labour government can save us. Bring it on labour.
  8. The tories have implemented just about every policy Labour has been demanding. They're not tories, they're Labour lite. You were in lockstep with them during lockdown that destroyed working class families. Stop pretending your any different, you just love to throw slogans around and tax the country dry, which will cause austerity and then blame it on the tories. Two cheeks of the same hole at this point
  9. Could you imagine what state the country would be in if Labour had been at the helm, brother Corbyn and all the chaos he would have caused plus the rest of them.
  10. The big problem for Labour is if that is the case and there was an election anytime soon, would you want to win that election and take office?