What time of the month are women best sexually aroused?


What time of the month are women best sexually aroused?

What time of the month are women best sexually aroused?



While there are times when women like to avoid intimacy, there are times when they are extremely horny. The anatomy of a woman is completely different from that of a man.



While men are equipped with testosterones that can get them horny anytime, women have a more complex makeup with hormones that get triggered only a few times in a month. Want to know when your lady will be more likely to get horny?



Here are the best times to get intimate with her. During ovulation: Ovulation is biologically the perfect time to mate as it is during this time when her hormones are on an overdrive. The estrogen level dips briefly and soars to a higher level.



At the same time, the progesterone level is also at its peak, making a woman very horny. Moreover, women are equipped to send out pheromones during this time which attract men. So, it can be a very good time for a rub down massage.



During menstruation: You may find it strange but here is a little-known secret about that time of the month she is the horniest at this time. It is because the hormones undergo a serious overhaul and she is sexually very aroused.



Also, the possibility of conceiving is reduced during this time which frees women to indulge in more sexual activities during this time. Furthermore, the additional lubrication during menses makes penetration more comfortable.



During the second trimester of pregnancy: There is a significant increase in estrogen and progesterone during the second trimester of pregnancy.



However, most women do not realise it because it is accompanied by other symptoms like body ache, nausea and fatigue. While the sex drive increases in the second trimester of pregnancy, it decreases in the third trimester.