Antonio Rudiger denies biting Paul Pogba

Antonio Rudiger will not confront with disciplinary action after Paul Pogba affirmed the Chelsea defender gentle bit him in France’s Euro 2020 opener on Tuesday.

The German centre-back seem to make physical contact with France midfielder Pogba’s back with his oral cavity during the Group F encounter in Munich, which France hammered Germany 0-1.

The Franch man Pogba at first reacted in shock, but afterwards he take a firm stand Rudiger should face no punishment.

The PA news agency believe to be the case with organisers UEFA determine not to open disciplinary proceedings over the matter.

Rudiger himself has tried to clear up the unusual situation, insisting he did not bite Pogba, even though it is implied he does hold some disappointment over the incident.

Antonio Rudiger - “I should not come close with my mouth to his back, no doubt about it,” Rudiger said.

“It looks unfortunate. Paul and I have talked about it as friends after the final whistle.”

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