KiDi ingnores off social media abusers


According to KiDi, it is regrettable that this year he became the whipping boy for VGMA trolls.

Speaking on TV3‘s New Day show, KiDi said, “Even on the night they started. The terminator posters and the skits they have done with Akrobeto saying; come on, go and sit down. I have seen all of these things, but I keep saying I do not take these things personally. Every year after VGMA, there is a scapegoat. It is just unfortunate that this year it is me. But people also keep forgetting that I won four awards in a night.”

Comments on keep up his relevance for a comeback in 2022, KiDi admitted how importance of awards, but the love never stops no matter.

KiDi won Highlife Song of the Year, Afrobeats Artiste of the Year and EP of the Year categories.Afrobeats Song of the Year, 

Sugar daddy further said he was very sure about the EP of the Year win. And if all had come to nothing, that was the only award he would bet on.