Take A Look At These Thick Slay Queens As They Shower Their Followers With Lovely Photos


Slay queens
I guess by now we can tell the difference between thick lady and fat a lady. Well, a thick lady don't have loose flesh and larger belly, and also thick slang is used to describe these ladies positively. Also, a person is considered fat if he or she has a big stomach and large waist.

But both fat and thick ladies are all categories as plus-size on social media platforms, where we happen to see these women display their bodies. To what I have noticed online the majority of fat lady are shapeless while thick lady most of them have that hourglass shapes.

Whether a lady is fat or thick their presence on these social networks are huge, and also the fashion industries are making a lot of money from these ladies with extra flesh.

However, right below you can find some fat and thick ladies images from social media