My husband has stopped eating my food’

 A middle-aged woman wants six years of marriage to end. According to her, the problem started in 2020 when her husband stopped eating at home.

 “I asked my husband again and again why he stopped eating when I was sixth months pregnant, but he didn't tell me why he was doing it." she said. 

The applicant added that her husband liked to beat her. She said:

 “He beat me over small things. I even bought food for my house. Sometimes we fought over a stove.”

The woman added that she left her marriage with a child due to too much torture, and her husband pursued her to a rented house and beat her mercilessly.

The accused defended himself by saying that his wife left home voluntarily.

I don't know why she left because I'm a responsible man. We both pay for our children's education and I took good care of her. He said: "I agree with her decision because I have another woman now."