My Husband Is Too Dirty. I Want A Seperate Room


My Husband Is Too Dirty. I Want A Seperate Room - Family

We have been married for about 2years now and have a child. We had a distant relationship so we didn't really live together for me to notice his dirty habit. I moved to his location few months after our wedding and since then, it beena terrible experience for me. He is just too dirty. doesn't wash his hands after using the toilet even when there are urine drops on his hands, he just wipes with his trousier, we have two batherooms, one for each room. Initially we were sharing one bathroom but I had to stop using it because of him. After toiletting, he will not washer with brush even when there is water. soap and brush and the toilet bowl is splattered with his feaces. He said its beneath him to wash the toilet, that how can a man wash the toilet? I had to switch to my ownership bathroom which thankfully has a toilet. He uses his for as long as 3months without washing neither toilet or bathroom. I was washing it before but I just had to stop when he said its beneath him to wash his own toilet, that its a woman's duty.

Secondly he is too unkempth and lives a scattered life, throws clothes anywhere, can wear one sleeping trousier for one month,after sex, he will use d same trousier to wipe his dicccck and still wear it, can sleep on an unmade bed for as long as possible. Never makes the bed insisting its s duty of a woman to make the bed everynight. Most times when he sleeps before me, I wake him up so I will make the bed, he will ask why didn't I make the bed before he slept, that I should make only my part I want to sleep on with our baby. Its all irritating and the worse of all is after I complain like forever, he says its the nature of their tribe man that they are used to dirtyness. I should get used to it. I dated a man from his tribe before I met him and that man is a direct opposite, neat to a fault. So I know its not an issue of him being from that tribe (edited).

This man will drink satchet water, and leave the satchet lying about for days, I was picking up all his trash before but I have since stopped after he repeatedly said that its my duty to pick up the dirt he throws anywhere he likes. He will have a trash basket right infront of him but will still drop dirt on the bare floor.

Early Last month, a nurse came around to take his blood sample for some test cos he wasnt feeling well, till now as i am writing this, the cotton wool he used to wipe the blood from the skin surface is still lying on his part of the wardrobe.

I am the type that encourages brushing the teeth twice a day but my hubby has refused to be doing it. He has a little mouth odour and will not help himself. He is always rubbing his diccccckkk with his bare hands and uses same hands to touch everything in the house.

I sweep and mob the house regularly but he will just mess it up the minute am thru. We have a second room we reserved for our kids but from the look of things, I am considering setting the room up for myself.

The funny thing about this is that outside, he is a seen as a clean man and very very goodlooking but inside, he is a dirty pig.