Four people were seriously injured in a car crash at the Labone Edna Agnes Boakye intersection


Four people are being treated at the Accra Police Hospital after their car was involved in the Labone crash. The incident occurred in the early hours of May 2, 2022 at Labone Junction. According to police, the victims, a woman and three men, are currently in critical condition. they worry about the severity of the injury. Witnesses said the car exceeded the speed limit and the brakes failed, causing a somersault and throwing passengers onto the road. Eric Ayam, an eye witness to the incident, told Citi News.

“Around 6:30 this morning, I saw a Range Rover rush past us, I wondered where it was off to with such speed. In no time, I heard screaming from the back. The car had run into a billboard and somersaulted thrice. The four occupants of the car fell off.”

“I drew closer and to my surprise, I knew one of the passengers. I quickly sought help. I saw a military car approaching and I begged the service men for help.”

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