Relationship Advice: My uncle cheated on my aunt and everyone kept it a secret.

sey aunt and uncle were school lovers and dated for about 25 years. We don't see each other often, but we keep in touch and always seem like a good couple. The only problem in their marriage was that they couldn't have children. They tried for ten years, but to no avail. Most families blame my aunt for some reason, but my uncle doesn't, as far as I know. I love both, and I think they love each other. 

Today, my mother told me the news that my father always knew. The news was that my uncle was having an affair with another woman in another city. And now they have a child together! Everyone starts defending him because he has to travel a lot for work, and this should be a good reason for cheating. I feel bad for my aunt because I can't even imagine how much this news will hurt her. What can I do?

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