Three Married People Are Sharing Their Affair Stories


1. The unsympathetic husband

"My mother had died and my husband is unsupportive of everything, including the responsibility that came after her death. Imagine you are at the lowest point and the person who should be your biggest supporter is doing everything to bring you down. So I found solace elsewhere, and that was my ex's hands. I have no regrets."

Mary, 33

2. The revenge affair

"I caught my husband sleeping with a prostitute. It was years ago when he did. He lied constantly about things I already knew the answer to. I wanted honesty and I didn't get it. I had an affair with great sex and chemistry that showed me that emotionally I deserved more. I'm not proud, but my infidelity helped me find myself again after the affair."


3. The husband on Craigslist

"Three months after our son was born, my husband complained that he was not taking enough orally. I am a first time mother and learning how to be a mother and wife and work full time while recovering from my C-section. A few weeks later, I discovered that during his lunch break from work, he met a random woman on Craigslist for verbal pleasure. We're currently in an arrangement, but we're most likely going to get a divorce."

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