28 Advantages of Dating a Girl with Big Boobs


28 Advantages of Dating a Girl with Big Boobs


1. Her back probably hurts from lugging those things around, but yours doesn’t.

2. She looks great in a tee shirt.

3. She looks even better in a tank top.

4. She looks phenomenal in a bikini.

5. She looks fucking spectacular topless.

6. Her going bra-less makes the world seem right.

7. Her going bra-less in public is simply not an option, so sharing the experience with other creeps is not happening.

8. Receiving respect nods from other guys.

9. Getting to poke them whenever you want.

10. A makeshift pillow is always nearby.

11. Appreciating a good areola to tit ratio.

12. Encouraging some nice cleave to make others jealous.

13. It’s really difficult for her to hide a stimulated nip.

14. Giving guys the “I caught you” stare down.

15. Fielding questions from your boys about what they look like naked.

16. Fielding questions from your boys about what you do with ‘em in the sack.

17. It’s uncomfortable for her to sleep on her stomach, which would obstruct your view.

18. I’m an ass man, so I’m getting bonus points.

19. Developing a deeper appreciation for tit men.

20. Her periods make her moody, but at least she still has those chest cannons.

21. When the compliment well runs dry, you can always tell her how great they are…again.

22. Seeing the looks of “Are those real?” on strangers’ faces, and thinking, “Yep.”

23. She’s proud of them, thus revealing them is easy for her.

24. Receiving “atta boy”s.

25. Her periods turn them into Hindenburgs.

26. It’s easy to tell if she’s uncomfortably cold.

27. There are so many fun synonyms for chesticles.

28. She can get drinks paid for if she plays her cards right.