My girl’s mom is pushing her to meet somebody for a date to obtain favors in return.

Girlfriend (F 23) Me (M 23) My girl’s mom knows about me and her dating. Never met her though. There is an aunt to my girl that is looking for a job opportunity in aviation.

 So my girl’s mom is pushing her daughter to meet this pilot guy tomorrow who has been chasing her so they can “link up” and help her aunt get an air hostess job. And my girlfriend agreed to go out with him tomorrow.

How tf am I supposed to react to this? I feel like it’s very disrespectful from her mom to send her out to meet someone else especially when she knows her daughter is seeing someone.

TLDR: my girl’s mom is pushing for her to go see someone else for a date so they can help her get a job for her aunt.

EDIT: I confronted her about it and told her how I was disappointed that she even considered it but she said she felt cornered into it and apologized. She ultimately decided on not going but I made it clear to her that this didn’t need any consideration in the first place and was very disrespectful.Still feeling some kinda way about it tho tbh.